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Nestled in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, Brindejon Farm has had a long and varied history. Signs of that past are still visible.

Stones stacked along the old creek bed kept the sides of the creek from collapsing during early gold mining days. In the Northern corner is a large barn, built in the early 1860’s. The barn held draft horses used to drag ice sheets, harvested at the farm each winter, to nearby Nevada City in the summer. A smaller barn, where the ice was packed in sawdust and stored, no longer exists.

Today Brindejon is a truffle farm, growing the famous French black truffle. In 2009 the farm will be opened, for the first time, to visitors. There will be tours, truffle digging demonstrations using our special dogs, and cooking classes in the restored old barn. Visits to the farm will be by appointment only. If you would like information contact us at info@brindejon.com

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